Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Use Adsense on Adsense Blocked/Blacklisted Sites

Everyone does mistakes but not everyone forgives them and Google falls in the less forgiving ones category. If you have got your website blocked or blacklisted for adsense by not complying with any of the adsense policies Google is not going to let you re-participate in their program with that specific site. No matter how much re-consideration requests you send, Google forgives very seldom. If you feel bad for your mistake and want to play fair onwards then the tip below is definitely for you.

To make your site re-participate in the adsense the best choice for you is to buy a new domain and put 301 redirect from the old domain. For example if you had, buy and create a dynamic redirect which redirects every page to the same page on the new domain.

The new domain will not be blacklisted as far as you comply with their policies. All the pages from your new domain will indexed as it is and you will not lose any traffic.

To know more about how to do 301 redirect on different platforms, please read about 301 redirets here

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