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Prevention of Oral Disease by John J. Murray, June H. Nunn, and James G. Steele

Prevention of Oral Disease by John J. Murray, June H. Nunn, and James G. Steele
Publisher: Oxford University Press | 4 edition (July 17, 2003) | ISBN: 0192632795 | Pages: 292 | PDF | 4.8 MB

`Comprehensive review of prevention of all conditions that affect the mouth, and the implications of the changing pattern of dental disease, and the impact on resources and treatment needed... I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and it was nice to see the updating of the statistics... this is a very useful book, whether for a student or qualified dentist, and I think it a worthwhile investment and addition to your library.' Clive Nicholls


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IT Service Catalog Process Management Templates and Examples Workbook - The ...

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Service Catalog Management is a key component of the ITIL Framework. Carefully planned and documented IT Service Management (ITSM) processes are becoming an increasingly important component in the delivery of higher customer satisfaction. The Service Catalog Process Management Templates and Examples Workbook provides a wide variety of resources to boost your understanding and ability to implement and manage Service Catalog Management in your organization.


Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour has assumed greater importance due to globalised economy, technical change and changed social and demographic environment. The book explains in detail the concepts of individual, group and organizational behaviour modification. Various theories have been explained in a scientific manner and have been supported by empirical research. The book is divided into four parts and written in Indian context. At the end of each chapter, a case has been given for better assimilation of the contents. The facilitator is expected to conduct workshops with the help of various instruments that have been appended.

The book has been written keeping in view the requirements of management students, academicians, professionals and a lay person who has interest in the study of behaviour science. The book will be a valuable possession for defence services officers to manage soldiers in day-to-day life as it explains various theories on leadership, motivation, transactional analysis, managing stress and conflicts and various other organizational concepts.

About the Author(s):

Prof. V.G.Kondalkar has a vast experience in handling human resources and developing organisations. He is a teacher, trainer, advisor and facilitator. He has served Defence Services for 32 years and retired as Colonel from Infantry. While in defence services, he held key operational, staff and instructional appointments. He is a postgraduate from Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and Madras University, Chennai. He obtained MBA from DAVV, Indore and has taught MBA for six years at Prestige Institute of Management, Indore, (MP). Presently, he is Professor and HOD of VNS Institute of Management, Bhopal. He has written ``Organizational Behavior`` a textbook for MBA. He has number or articles to his credit and written book reviews, cases and guided many research projects.

He is a member of Board of Studies (Management) of Barkatullah University, Bhopal, subject expert, paper setter and examiner of various universities. His areas of interests are OB, OD, OE, leadership and team building. In addition, he has prepared subject material for distance learning programme of Yashvantrao Chauahn Maharashtra University, Nasik, Maharashtra State.

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour? Study of Organizational Behaviour
Evolution of Management Concepts
Individual Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour? Individual Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour
Value Attitude and Job Satisfaction
Perception and Individual Decision Making
Group Dynamics? Interpersonal Behaviour (Transactional Analysis)
Foundation of Group Behaviour
Conflict Management
Stress Management
The Dynamics of Communication
Power and Politics
Dynamics of Organization? Organizational Structure
Job Design
Management of Change
Organizational Development
Organizational Culture and Climate.


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Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day

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Influence search engine results and bring targeted traffic to your Web site with an hour a day of search engine optimization (SEO). Drawing on years of experience as successful SEO consultants, Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin provide detailed, practical, and often surprisingly simple techniques for improving results. Their simple strategies include setting SEO goals, site optimization, developing and implementing a strategy that might include both free and paid efforts, and tools for monitoring trends, measuring the competition, and tracking results.


Fighter Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering (Repost)

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Robert L. Shaw - Fighter Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering
Naval Institute Press | 1985 | ISBN: 0870210599 | 447 pages | PDF | 5.38MB

This book is one of the best single-source volumes on the complexity of modern aircraft combat maneuvering. It is not light reading, but fighter aviation is deadly serious - high speed, three dimensional chess where the loss of the game is a very ugly death. The book begins with the basics (flight sim players might find it useful to consider his chapters "lesson plans" for practicing) and gradually take the reader into greater depth. Readers may find it useful to re-read some chapters - the text is fairly tight and there is much of value in here that might get overlooked.
While individual aircraft systems and weapons vary, the basic principles of aerial killing have not changed since WWI: see before being seen, kill before the enemy realizes he is dead, protect your wingman, and come home alive. Shaw shows you how it is done.


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Security Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance: Authorizatio...

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Security Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance: Authorization, Authentication, and Access

Dennis C. Brewer, «Security Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance: Authorization, Authentication, and Access»
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN: 0764598384 | 2005 | PDF | 262 pages | 5.3 MB

Your step-by-step guide to creating authentication processes that assure compliance. To comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, you must design an information technology infrastructure that can protect the privacy and access integrity of your data, particularly online, while not restricting business activity. This book shows you how to do that, explaining what you need to know every step of the way.


Google Hacking for Penetration Testers (Repost)

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Google Hacking for Penetration Testers
By Johnny Long, Ed Skoudis, Alrik van Eijkelenborg

Publisher: Syngress | 2005 | 448 Pages | ISBN: 1931836361 | PDF | 26.6 MB

Google, the most popular search engine worldwide, provides web surfers with an easy-to-use guide to the Internet, with web and image searches, language translation, and a range of features that make web navigation simple enough for even the novice user. What many users don't realize is that the deceptively simple components that make Google so easy to use are the same features that generously unlock security flaws for the malicious hacker. Vulnerabilities in website security can be discovered through Google hacking, techniques applied to the search engine by computer criminals, identity thieves, and even terrorists to uncover secure information. This book beats Google hackers to the punch, equipping web administrators with penetration testing applications to ensure their site is invulnerable to a hacker's search.

Penetration Testing with Google Hacks explores the explosive growth of a technique known as "Google Hacking." When the modern security landscape includes such heady topics as "blind SQL injection" and "integer overflows," it's refreshing to see such a deceptively simple tool bent to achieve such amazing results; this is hacking in the purest sense of the word. Readers will learn how to torque Google to detect SQL injection points and login portals, execute port scans and CGI scans, fingerprint web servers, locate incredible information caches such as firewall and IDS logs, password databases, SQL dumps and much more - all without sending a single packet to the target! Borrowing the techniques pioneered by malicious "Google hackers," this talk aims to show security practitioners how to properly protect clients from this often overlooked and dangerous form of information leakage.

*First book about Google targeting IT professionals and security leaks through web browsing.

*Author Johnny Long, the authority on Google hacking, will be speaking about "Google Hacking" at the Black Hat 2004 Briefing. His presentation on penetrating security flaws with Google is expected to create a lot of buzz and exposure for the topic.

*Johnny Long's Web site hosts the largest repository of Google security exposures and is the most popular destination for security professionals who want to learn about the dark side of Google.


Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance

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Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance, third edition, is an encyclopedia of risk management tools, practices and protocols. Its 35 tool-packed chapters cover the latest perspectives on risk, focusing on a systematic approach to risk management. It highlights specific techniques to enhance organizational risk identification, assessment and management, all within the project and program environments.


Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide

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Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide
By Pete Shaner, Gerald Everett Jones

Publisher:McGraw-Hill Companies | 2002 | 527 Pages | ISBN: 0072225491 | PDF | 15.3 MB


Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications (4 V...

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Sebastián Martorell, Carlos Guedes Soares, Julie Barnett "Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications (4 Volumes)"
CRC | English | 2008-09-10 | ISBN: 0415485134 | 3510 pages | PDF | 40 MB

Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis. Theory, Methods and Applications contains the papers presented at the joint ESREL (European Safety and Reliability) and SRA-Europe (Society for Risk Analysis Europe) Conference (Valencia, Spain, 22-25 September 2008).

The book covers a wide range of topics, including: Accident and Incident Investigation; Crisis and Emergency Management; Decision Support Systems and Software Tools for Safety and Reliability; Dynamic Reliability; Fault Identification and Diagnostics; Human Factors; Integrated Risk Management and Risk-Informed Decision-making; Legislative dimensions of risk management; Maintenance Modelling and Optimisation; Monte Carlo Methods in System Safety and Reliability; Occupational Safety; Organizational Learning; Reliability and Safety Data; Collection and Analysis; Risk and Evidence Based Policy Making; Risk and Hazard Analysis; Risk Control in Complex Environments; Risk Perception and Communication; Safety Culture; Safety Management Systems; Software Reliability; Stakeholder and public involvement in risk governance; Structural Reliability and Design Codes; System Reliability Analysis; Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis.

Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis. Theory, Methods and Applications will be of interest for academics and professionals working in a wide range of industrial and governmental sectors, including Aeronautics and Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Insurance and Finance, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Policy Making and Public Planning.


The eMarketplace: Strategies for Success in B2B eCommerce

The eMarketplace: Strategies for Success in B2B eCommerce
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies ISBN: 0071361235 edition 2000 CHM 343 pages 1,56 mb

One trillion dollars. That's what's at stake in the next few years in business-to-business e-commerce. Research shows that b-to-b spending will soar from $43 billion to over $1 trillion. Meanwhile, in the same span of time, business-to-consumer spending is expected to rise from $7.8 to only $108 billion. That's what's in the future for business-to-business electronic commerce, and companies like eSteel and PlasticsNet are already halfway there.

Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin

Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin

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Livia Kohn "Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin"
University of Hawaii Press English 2008-11-30 ISBN: 0824832698 268 pages PDF 3,1 MB


Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin

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Livia Kohn "Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin"
University of Hawaii Press English 2008-11-30 ISBN: 0824832698 268 pages PDF 3,1 MB

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Michael Howard, "19 Deadly Sins of Software Security"

Michael Howard, "19 Deadly Sins of Software Security"


Mcgraw-Hill Osborne Media 2005 ISBN: 0072260858 304 pages CHM 1 MB

TThis essential book for all software developers--regardless of platform, language, or type of application--outlines the «19 deadly sins» of software security and shows how to fix each one. Best-selling authors Michael Howard and David LeBlanc, who teach Microsoft employees how to secure code, have partnered with John Viega, the man who uncovered the 19 deadly programming sins to write this much-needed book.