Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness, A Philosophy for Leaders, New and Revised (Ebook)

Like most books about leadership, this one improves when the author finishes up with generalities and gets down to specifics. Whether it fulfills its "promise" ("to double your business leadership effectiveness on any measure you choose") is debatable; still there are pickings in the book for the would-be leader of a kind not to be found in the many other treatises on the subject. Believing that leadership is a "mindset and a pattern of behaviors" that can be learned and taught, Koestenbaum presents and illustrates the meaning of his "Leadership Diamond." This consists of "four strategies for greatness": vision (thinking big and new), reality (having no illusions), ethics (providing service), and courage (acting with sustained initiative). The "greatness" theme becomes a bit tedious, but there are many compensations. For management collections.


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