Friday, April 24, 2009

John McGee - The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management, Strategic Management (Ebook)

The new edition of The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management: Strategic Management includes a new preface by the current editor, John McGee. He acknowledges the signal contribution of Derek Channon and outlines the key current trends in the field of strategic management.

* Fully updated new edition covers over 160 key terms and concepts in strategic management;
* Contains contributions from more than 55 international contributors;
* Gives more explicit attention to 'competitive strategy' and 'competitive advantage';
* Fully treats the 'resource-based view', with recent developments around the 'knowledge- based view';
* Introduces the 'new economy', specifically economics of knowledge and information and the nature of network externalities;
* Outlines the key current trends in the field of strategic management in the editor’s preface.


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