Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bruce J. Avolio, Fred Luthans, "The High Impact Leader" (Ebook)

The High Impact Leader takes you beyond static and inflexible leadership "rules" to help you develop hands-on leadership skills within the unpredictable, often chaotic framework of everyday life. This results-based examination features wide-ranging research and examples of how real-world leadership has developed over the past century. It details a program for accelerating your authentic leadership development that is realistic and achievable, for individuals in virtually any personal or professional environment.

Written by veteran researchers in the Gallup Leadership Institute and based on innovative leadership-building models and tools, The High Impact Leader provides you with:
A step-by-step process for helping you understand how to transform yourself into an exceptional leader
Tools presented in the book and accessible through the web for managing and measuring personal progress toward authentic leadership development
Strategies for building a pool of leadership-ready individuals in any organization

Authentic leadership is essential for transforming average results into breakthrough success. The High Impact Leader steers around buzzwords and silver bullets to reveal what you can do to achieve positive, organic growth fueling sustainable success--and what you must do to develop and nurture authentic leadership within yourself and your organization.

Life presents each of us with a series of positive and negative moments, both carefully scripted and completely unplanned. Whether they appear monumental or inconsequential at the time, many are destined to become key moments that profoundly shape our destinies, if we are prepared to take advantage of them.

High-achieving individuals understand the potential in these key moments and draw full value from them to realize their full leadership growth and potential. The High Impact Leader provides you with the information and knowledge you need to recognize and understand these "moments that matter" and use them to accelerate your authentic leadership development (ALD).

Designed to help you understand what the authentic leadership process is as well as how it can be enhanced, this straightforward and proactive approach to developing authentic leadership in any individual or organization includes:
A proven framework for structuring your chosen direction and regulating how you will execute your leadership development to pursue that direction
Ways in which leadership directly and indirectly impacts performance, and how the culture and climate of your organization contributes to extraordinary development and performance
Techniques for creating positive psychological capital in yourself and others, to achieve maximum potential organic growth and veritable performance
Proven methods for moving beyond your actual leader self to your possible leader self, and accelerating your progress toward powerful and sustainable success
Examples of how to move in the right direction and straightforward guidelines for doing so

The High Impact Leader is a clear-cut description of the insights and actions that lead to authentic leadership development, tested and proven to work in actual situations. It will show you how to recognize and gain full value from the key moments that trigger true leadership, allowing you to more effectively pull your positive future realities into your present with less risk and far greater success. The whole focus of this book is to help you leverage what you have been born with to help you achieve your points of excellence in terms of leadership success.


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