Friday, April 24, 2009

Boost Your Hiring I.Q. (Ebook)

To get the perfect fit for every position you hire for, it's important to have an accurate evaluation system and the skills to back it up. Written by the renowned Interview Coach at, Boost Your Hiring IQ hones your interviewing techniques and helps you find the right person for the job, each and every time. As you take the Manager's Hiring IQ Test-50 fun, thought-provoking questions on a wide variety of hiring topics-you'll discover how to:
Identify your interviewing strengths and weaknesses and improve them
Assess the job requirements before the interview
Set the interview stage and put candidates at ease
Ask questions designed to reveal the abilities and traits you seek
Listen for rehearsed responses and probe for the real answers
Handle sensitive issues and difficult situations
Effectively evaluate and rate candidates to avoid costly hiring errors


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