Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Right Person, Right Job: Guess or Know - The Breakthrough Technologies of Performance Information, 2nd Edition (Book)

We've all done it — hired someone who wasn't a good fit or simply couldn't do the job. Or promoted an employee who wasn't up to the new responsibilities.

You don't have to make the same time-consuming and costly mistakes again. In this groundbreaking book, Chuck Russell shows you the only way to hire and retain employees in today's competitive environment—by using testing and assessments.

With over 1,000 assessments available today in the United States alone, Russell alleviates your confusion by providing comparative analysis of a variety of tools and instruments.

He brings you up-to-date on the latest developments in testing and assessment technology—new tools that require less time, are relatively inexpensive and don't require outside expertise to administer or evaluate.

Learn how to use assessments and testing to:

Get the right person in the right job quickly
Head off violence and drug-related accidents and negligent hiring lawsuits
Ensure and document objective and non-discriminatory hiring practices

Topics include:

The role of testing and assessment in the selection process
Evaluating assessment tools
Using assessment with existing employees to solve performance problems,
engineer teams, re-organize, re-structure, conduct success planning and
coach executives
Legalities of using testing and assessment
A recommended selection process
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