Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joomla! For Dummies (ebook)

With its pre-coded modules, open source Joomla! is popular for building interactive Web sites without writing code. This Web site design tool lets you build sites with discussions, polling, RSS feeds, picture submissions, shopping carts, and a lot more, quickly and easily and the quickest, easiest way to learn how to use it is Joomla! For Dummies. Learn to link articles on your site with drop-down menus, invite visitors to rate content, enable a full-site search, let yourguests sign up for e-mail lists, and much more. Joomla! For Dummies helps you to: Acquire the free Joomla! content management system, install it, and customize the home page See how menus control theelements in Joomla! and use menu items to create your page layout Use templates— powerful collections of PHP and CSS—to make your pages do what you want them to Create searches, polls, page menus, newsflashes, and banners usingbuilt-in Joomla! modules Build search engine-friendly sites and see how Joomla! can help boost site traffic Explore additional Joomla! templates and learn what to look for when downloading and installing them Check intoplug-ins, components, and additional modules to see how they differ and what they can do Find modules for ads, archives, banners, searches, syndications, and more Joomla! lets you concentrate on content instead ofstruggling with code. So grab Joomla! For Dummies and start creating!


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