Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brain Training Puzzles

This book contains a large range of games designed to get your brain and mind working hard ! Including Sudoku, Sudoku X, extra region Sudoku, Smileydoku, Kakuro, number tower, crosswords, wordsearch, ABC logic puzzles, letter fit, word ladder, word pyramid and wordwheel, a great 100 puzzle collection !
Place the numbers 1 - 9 exactly once in each row, column and 3x3 box.
Sudoku X / Extra Region Sudoku / SmileyDoku
As sudoku, but the grey regions in each puzzle also must contain 1 - 9 once.
There are two such regions in sudoku X, 3 in SmileyDoku and 4 in Extra Region.
Killer Sudoku
As sudoku, but in addition the sum of the dotted box regions add up to the total
at the start of the box; no number may be repeated within a dotted box region.
Enter the numbers 1 - 9 so as the sum of each run of cells is that stated at the
start of that run, whether it be horizontal or vertical. No number may be repeated
within a run.
Word Pyramid
Answer the clues and complete the puzzle. Each row on the pyramid is actually
an anagram of the word above, with one additional letter added each time.
Word Ladder
Move from the start word to the end word with the aid of the clues, changing one
letter a ta time.
Word Wheel
Make as many words of 3 or more letters as you can, with no plurals and using
the centre letter in each word. At least one word uses all nine letters.
Number Tower
Complete the number tower, such that each box contains a number that is the
sum of the two boxes directly beneath it.
ABC Logic Puzzle
Place the letters A, B, C and two spaces exactly once in each row/column, so
that the first/last letter in each region is that stated at the start/end of that row/
column where this is indicated.
Letter Fit
Place the words beneath the grid into the puzzle; each word only fits in one


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