Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alan L. Carsrud, Malin E. Brannback "Entrepreneurship (Greenwood Guides to Business and Economics)"

Nearly everyone recognizes iconic companies like Microsoft, Dell, and Ford. But what do we really know about the entrepreneurs (Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Henry Ford, respectively) who founded these firms or the factors that influenced the birth and development of these corporate giants? How do entrepreneurs identify opportunity and how do they address the personal, social, and financial risks associated with designing, launching, and sustaining a new venture? There are many steps between having an idea and going public--this book explores the entrepreneurial process through all of its stages, a process in which some half a billion people are engaged worldwide every year. Illustrated through numerous real-life examples, the book is a map of the entrepreneurial journey, exploring the wide variety of opportunities open to the entrepreneur and how to build upon them, including an overview of such essential principles as screening, market research, product development, financing, and marketing and sales strategies. It also covers legal issues, intellectual property protection, motivating employees, managing boards and investors, use of technology, and the international environment. Featuring examples of business plans and presentations, exercises and checklists, and a glossary of key terms, this volume provides a solid introduction to the process of business creation that will appeal to students and educators, general readers, and budding entrepreneurs.


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